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Happy Sunday!

Welcome to the seventeenth edition of this newsletter. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Let’s jump right into the good stuff!

From the blog

This week I wrote about the workflow architecture pattern. I find that using workflows as a first-class construct really cleans up system architecture in a very nice way, making business processes very explicit and decoupling technical components. However, I have noticed a lot of confusion around what workflow is, especially in the choreography-happy world of microservices. Leveraged in the right places, workflows can be direct triggers for platform architectures. Done poorly, they can create a worse mess than what they were meant to solve. Here’s what you need to know - Article Link

From the great interweb

  1. Alexander Wang talks about information compression and communication overheads in this memo he sent to his team.
  2. Orkhan Gasimov lays out the basic principles of solution architecture for beginners.
  3. Bruce Wang (two Wangs in one newsletter - what are the odds!) discusses his pursuit of creating impact and his journey of building high-performance teams at Netflix.
  4. Kilian Weinberger on the importance of deconstructing complex topics into the underlying principles, in life as in Machine Learning.

That's it for this week folks. Have a great weekend!


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