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Welcome to this week’s edition of my newsletter. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

This week got a little intense at work so I wasn’t able to write anything. I have a half-written piece on extensibility in shared systems and some ideas on the next episode of the “For the layman” series, so let’s what I can cook up this weekend. In other news, I started reading 10% human by Alanna Collen last night, so expect a review/summary soon.

Over to some great material I found on the web this week.

From the great interweb

  1. With trust in existing social networks and media in free fall, interest in a decentralized, semantic web is growing. This article has a good review of the basics of the semantic web and plenty of references to launch you into this weekend’s rabbit hole.
  2. The OpenAI team explains how they scaled their Kubernetes cluster to 7500 nodes. A quick aside for aspiring data scientists - don’t ignore the infrastructure/operations side of software engineering.
  3. This 2013 talk from Oredev outlines the fundamental theorem of agile software development in 7 minutes, 26 seconds. Superb and Insightful.
  4. Venkatesh Rao talks about anti-network effects - things that can damp the network effect from within or outside the network.

That's it for this week folks. Have a great weekend!


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