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#57: Critiquing crypto, trunk-based development, and Paxos made simple

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the 57th episode of It Depends. Hope you are doing well and staying safe.

What with Holi, me visiting my parents' place in Delhi, and a massive OKR planning explosion at the day job, writing has been on the back burner a bit these past two weeks (and the next week doesn’t look very hopeful either). I’ve been reading “The Politics of Bitcoin” by David Golumbia so perhaps I can share a summary of that - let’s see how it goes.

So this week it’s a shoutout to 54 new folks who signed up for this newsletter, and straight on to the best of the internet.

From the internet

  1. About 15 researchers and critics, including Molly White, Stephen Diehl, Grady Booch, have critiqued Kevin Roose’s NYT piece on cryptocurrency. An interesting, often funny, and thoroughly brutal read.
  2. The internet is a beautiful place. There is apparently a whole website about trunk-based development with everything explained much better and more deeply than anything else I have seen on the topic.
  3. Mahesh Balakrishnan is becoming a regular feature on this list. Here he is again, making Paxos simple.

That’s all for this week folks. Have a great weekend!



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