Highlights (Aug ’20 – now)

  • Leading the team building the Cult Pass offering.
  • Building an AI-based product to create personalized fitness plans for everyone.

Uber (Feb ’19 – July ’20)

  • Worked with a 6 member distributed team to detect error in Uber’s map data by matching it against real world evidence (Spark, Hadoop, Hive)
  • Worked on the places team to onboard multiple Uber LoBs onto the central place data platform.

Myntra (Jun ’13 – Jan ’19)

  • Responsible for the entire design and architecture of order fulfilment supply chain working with approx 70 engineers across 5 teams.
  • Drove the transformation of Myntra order fulfilment supply chain from a Myntra specific product to a multi-tenant platform.
  • Led the adoption of reactive technologies in the Myntra tech stack.
  • Evolved the order management system into a micro-service based order management platform being used by multiple companies.
  • Implemented the order capture service to scale up to ~100K orders/minute and practically eliminate customer-facing downtime in order placing.

D.E. Shaw India (Jun ’08 – Jun ’13)

  • Built a suite of reports for Treasury senior management to provide critical insight into the business.
  • Worked on ingesting market wide securities lending data into the system to support trading desk decisions.
  • Worked on the commissions and financing product to automate workflows for the operations team.