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I write about software architecture and programming, evangelize platform architecture and methods for bringing agililty to organizations and teams. I also do the occasional book review and summary of interesting articles.

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  • Evolving Software: SOLID principles as a continuum
    Understand how SOLID principles work all at once to support each other, and their role as evolutionary guardrails for software systems.
  • Building robust distributed systems
    Distributed systems give us tremendous scalability, but we need to build them right to reap the full benefits of this complicated architecture
  • On building scalable systems
    A deep dive into software scalability, strategies for building a scalable system, and adopting distributed system design as the key to scalability
  • Mini Essay #4 – The other side
    Much of what we do at work can be seen from two sides. To really learn how to do your job, find a way to get to the other side.
  • Mini Essay #3 – Say “no”
    Hope is not a strategy. The only way to do effective short term planning is to say “no” brutally.
  • Architecture Patterns: Caching (Part-2)
    Part 2 of the series covers some nuances in using the caching architecture pattern and offers some tips in scaling the cache infrastructure for larger loads.
  • Architecture Patterns: Caching (Part-1)
    The first of an introduction to the use of caching in system design and some nuances on how it works in real-world architectures
  • Mini Essay #2 – Failure is a Feature
    Failures in distributed systems are not bugs, they are features. Don’t worry about preventing errors, focus on isolating them. Focus on speed of detection and fixing.
  • Mini Essay #1: Mindful Actions
    Action is necessary, but not sufficient for mastery. ‘Mindful’ action is the key. Conscious practice builds subconscious competence.
  • The pentagon of entity models
    Understanding a common pattern of entity models evolve, and why the process works that way.
  • The Mechanics of Software Evolution
    How to adopt an evolutionary mindset and use feature requests as a breeding ground for the next generation of the system’s architecture
  • The crypto-web’s fatal flaw
    The financialization inherent to the crypto-web’s architecture is the reason it is ticking, and the reason we shouldn’t let it tick.
  • The Marketplace Scam (sellers beware!)
    “Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called “The Pledge”. The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird, or a man. He shows you …
  • Guidelines for writing useful libraries
    General guidelines for writing useful libraries
  • Competitive programming is useless
    Extreme achievements in competitive programming among college students is useless as a hiring signal

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