Help us out

If you experienced the power and simplicity of Rulette, or have gone through docs/examples and see what you like so far – welcome to the family! Feel free to reach out to me or to the community on Github with ideas, suggestions, or cries of help.

Like all open source projects, Rulette relies on the community for all types of progress and support. How you can do your bit?

  • Use you coding chops – Report and fix issues, suggest and make enhancements. Let’s get better together!
  • Use your reach – Spread the word about Rulette on social media, discuss how you have used it (we would love to hear some uses in the wild), and recommend it to you teams if you see IF-THEN scenarios proliferating.
  • Use you wallet – While I and other contributors of Rulette work our day jobs, it is nice to see Rulette in a self-sustaining way. You can help.